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KFSIAI, is committed to providing a cost effective, professional and dedicated such meeting the highest quality standards security services from uniformed security guards.

As with our security personnel, are committed to continuous training, approach to customer services is unparalleled. We are committed to unmatched responsiveness; friendly reliable customer relationships.We are on twenty-four (24) hours per day, to respond in the event of a problem.

Security Personnel

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Body Guards

Special Guards that specialized in close in protection of any individual or group of people from all dangers.

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We conduct investigation for any individual or company to gather and report confidential information or evidence for any legal purpose it will be applied.

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K9 Services

KFSIAI, is likewise, Canine (K9) service provider for explosive detection dogs (EDD), narcotic detection dogs (NDD), disaster search dogs (DSD), attack dogs and other dogs trained to sniff for other purposes. It can extend its services nationwide to cater the needs of companies and agencies like PDEA.

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Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance devices such as,  Closed Circuit Television System have become more advantageous than ever before. It can be used whenever manpower is limited or too expensive, when security information needs to be recorded, both externally and internally in all types of premises, Schools, Banks, Town
Centers, Casinos, Industrial and commercial applications, even at Home.

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Automatic Vehicle Locator System can monitor real time route and events of any subject vehicle for reporting and proper dispatch of travels for employees or any special surveillance.

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